An Interview with Francisco Coll

How did you come to compose?
It was a necessity to survive. At some point I needed to create my own world because I was not happy with the offered.
Is there any musical composition / project you are waiting for?
Yes, I am always very enthusiastic about the projects I do, otherwise it would be impossible for me to write music. I need to be mentally excited.
Have you encountered challenges in writing for vocalists as opposed to instrumentalists?
Writing music is always a challenge, no matter the medium or genre. Even experience is not a big advantage, because I’m always trying to reinvent myself, and this makes me to start from the beginning every time.

Do you have a particular process that continues in the composition? Is it systematic or sporadic?
I’m very intuitive. I think I can be systematic and sporadic at the same time because they are both aspects of the same creative process.

Are there artists you particularly admire?
Yes, many. It would be impossible to name them all here.
Which composer, alive or dead, would like to talk to you, and why?
I have the habit of always wanting to talk to living people. It makes the dialogue easier. I love to share my thoughts with Thomas Adès.

What styles / genres of music do you like to compose?
I don’t have predilections. I just try to create an impossible world, in a very realistic way each time I write a new piece. It doesn’t matter if it is for piano solo or for large orchestra.

What do you like to do in your free time?
To paint or to read.